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The movies Zekrom Victini V.S Reshiram Victini.


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Which movie do you think is better? I'll surface the facts so then you can choose what movie you think is better.


P.S This contains 1 spoiler.


Reshiram & Victini.


Reshiram has a fire rocket so when he flies its faster. Reshiram is a Vast White pokemon. Reshiram is a fire and dragon type. Reshiram can loose to Zekrom because of its types. In this movie Golurk is the shiny pokemon. And Hydreigon isn't shiny. The shiny Golurk belongs to Juanita. In this movie Zekrom is the enemy of Reshiram.




Zekrom & Victini


Zekrom has a electricity generator. Zekrom uses the generator to charge up his Eletric moves. Zekrom is a Eletric & Dragon type. Zekrom can win to Reshiram because of Reshirams types. In this movie Hydregion is the shiny pokemon. Golurk isn't shiny. Hydregion belongs to Carlita. Also in this movie Reshiram is the enemy of the pokemon Zekrom.






So what do you think is better? Zekrom & Victini? or Reshiram and Victini? Post your answer in the comments!




P.S Get Victini in mystery gift on Pokemon Black & White!








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