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Teaming Up with Incineroar-GX!


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I woke up one day and said, "Incineroar has an ability that lets it charge itself?! Hmm..." Well, here's the fruits of my work!

4 Incineroar-GX TUP
1 Torracat
4 Litten
1 Hoopa SHL
2 Jirachi TUP
1 Oranguru SUM
1 Marshadow SHL

4 Cynthia
4 Lillie

2 Professor Elm's Lecture
2 Acro Bike
4 Nest Ball
4 Ultra Ball

1 Nanu TUP

1 Rescue Stretcher
2 Professor Kukui
2 Devoured Field
1 Black Market {*}
2 Choice Band
2 Guzma
3 Rare Candy
2 Brock’s Grit
2 Max Potion

9 Darkness Energy SUM
1 Double Colorless Energy

My strategy consists of simply playing Elm, finding rare candies, getting Incineroar, and winning! I added Jirachi and Hoopa as techs to help me out here, but I'm not sure how they fit in quite yet.

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If only there were an electropower for dark types...  I have had my eye on Incin since TeU dropped, but it's main attack just isn't quite big enough for OHKOs...


I think this may be a 4 max potion deck, but then again Pikarom and Ultra Nec are so common that may not make a difference anymore.


My one real advice is to try a Hoopa-GX; it should help clean up KOs that Incin leaves behind, and allows you to play your Guzmas more freely.  Also- you can have the TCGO generate a decklist for in in Deck Manager.

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Looks like a good deck,

May I suggest 1 minor change that may help you out, add in a second torrecat instead of a trainer that you have multiple of like 1 nest ball or ultra ball. This will merely increase the chance of you getting incineroar go a lot quicker. Even though you may end up with a rare candy or torrecat spare, it will result in quicker action and therefore more kills

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