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Need help tweaking my Solgaleo/Lunala deck


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Hello, i have been collecting pokemon cards for a while now and have had a deck idea but am not a profesional at deck creating so need advice and tips.


Solgaleo GX (x2)

Lunala GX (x2)

Cosmoem (x2)

Cosmog (x4)

Beldum (x3

Metang (x2)

Metagross GX (x2)

Metagross (stone) (x1)

Hoopa (psychic) (x2)

My idea for this deck is to get solgaleo’s gx move to gather some enrgy then attach 3 to him and some to other benched pokemon. Then i will use his 230 attack getting one straight knockout (most likely) early. Then i use lunala’s psychic transfer ability to move more energy to solgaleo. Then after another attack i can start using his ability untill i have pokemon moving around with energy moving around as well. Meaning it is hard for them to 1 hit any of my pokemon. Then, I use metagross GX’s ability to keep restoring the enrgy discarded by solgaleo’s attack. I can also use normal metagross and hoopa for backup fighters and some early action as well as metagrosses magnetic warp abiltiy meaning i can move my pokemon more than once.


Pyscic (x10)

Steel (x10)


Rare candy (x4)

Altar of the moone (x1)

Altar of the sunne (x1)

Timer ball (x2)

Nest ball (x2)

I need some tips on more trainers that will work with this deck as i dont have many ideas but have some in mind. Please give feedback, critisise, tell me where i am wrong or could improve and give some card ideas if u have any.

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Forgot to say to also say what type a pokemon is (if it has multipke types) or send a picture of suggested cards because as i said i am quite a newbie with deck constructing and dont know which cards come from which expansion.

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I like the idea. :) Actually, a deck fairly similar to this was pretty popular for a while.  Metagross is a strong card.


Pulling ideas from that deck and also general advise, here are my suggestions.  Take them as you will.

  • Remove out Lunala-GX.  It requires a lot of energy of a different type from your other attackers, but does less damage.
    • Take out 1 cosmog and one cosmoem, and consider running a copy of non-GX solgaleo.
  • Consider replacing hoopa with a different support pokemon, like alolan vulpix, so you don't need psychic energy.
  • Increase to 3 metagross-GX so you can power up more pokemon.
  • Take out all the psychic energy.  Possibly add 1-3 metal.
  • Fill the space with lots of draw supporters and some tools.
  • Put in 4 Max Potion.  These pokemon have a lot of HP, so they're hard to knock out- but they become almost impossible to KO if you can just wipe any damage your opponent does from the field.  And because of Geotech System, you don't even have to worry about discarding the energy.  Beautiful.

And welcome to the Putsgof! :)

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Thanks, i was really unsure about the hoopa and i will definetly look at 1 of the replacements you sugested, however i am not so sure about getting rid of lunala. I may lower it down to 1 so that i can still get the energy transfer ability which allows you to use solgaleo’s move more easily and get energy of a pokemon before it dies.

Also, do u have any ideas for other trainer cards, that is 1 of the spots i am not so sure about. I listed a few above but need some more.


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Sorry, forgot to mention that i need some Specifics for the trainers cause i don’t know lots of items that are good to use and will work with this deck. Are ones like switch good or ones that increase attack and hp?

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Pokemons: 16

4 Cosmog

2 Cosmoem

3 Solgaleo GX

2 Lunala GX

4 Talonflame

1 Wobbuffet (Bide Barricade)

Trainers: 32

4 Professor Sycamore

3 N

1 Lysandre

1 Professor Kukui

1 Brock's Grit

4 VS Seeker

4 Ultra Ball

4 Rare Candy

2 Max Potion

2 Super Rod

2 Weakness Policy

1 Float Stone

1 Special Charge

2 Parallel City

Energy: 12

4 Metal Energy

4 Psychic Energy

4 Rainbow Energy


  • Tweak and refine this deck to your needs.
  • To get the cards you need, trade booster packs you win from Tournaments (Booster packs bought from the shop are not tradeable)
  • Remember to use 1 main attacker, 10 draw support cards (4 Lillie, 4 Cynthia, and 2 Oranguru from Guardians Rising or Tapu Lele-GX)
  • Google decklists for the main attacker you're using before you start so you can get ideas.

Here are some cards most players use:

Cynthia - Lillie - Ultra/Nest/Timer Ball/ - Mysterious Treasure - Kiawe - Zinnia - Field Blower - Rescue Stretcher - Stadium Cards (Shrine of Punishment, Devoured Field, Altar of the Sunne/Moone, Ultra Space etc.) - Rare Candy (in stage 2 decks) - Professor Elm's Lecture - Switch - Acerola - Tate & Liza - Acro Bike - Max Potion - Judge - Pal Pad - VS Seeker (in expanded format) - 

Websites/places you should take a look at:

Subreddit r/pkmntcg  - Pokebeach - The one you're on right now - pkmncards (card researching site; closed on weekends) - Google Image Search (if you're really desperate) - A Pokemon League near you (IRL meetup all about the pokemon tcg) - Your school or your friend's house - Proxycroak (makes 'proxies' which are pictures of the cards used for testing a deck; best used with friends that also use it)


Although you are very new, I see great potential. Your deck has the right idea, it just needs the right support.

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Go to the client, Deck construction and Edit deck (Monkey wrench)


Export deck (the 1st upper right button, a box with an arrow). Paste the deck list here. it's crazy to try to guess which pokémon are you using. I tried to keep it Standard although there's an Expanded Metagross at least. Is maybe this close to your deck?

##Pokémon - 20
* 3 Beldum CES 92
* 2 Metang CES 94
* 2 Metagross-GX GRI 85

* 1 Metagross AOR 49

* 4 Cosmog TEU 69
* 2 Cosmoem TEU 70

* 2 Solgaleo-GX SUM 89
* 2 Lunala-GX SUM 66


* 2 Hoopa FLI 54

##Trainer Cards - 10
* 4 Rare Candy CES 142
* 2 Nest Ball SUM 123
* 2 Timer Ball SUM 134


* 1 Altar of the Moone GRI 117
* 1 Altar of the Sunne GRI 118

##Energy - 20
* 10 Metal Energy
* 10 Psychic Energy

Total Cards - 50

You have too much energies. 15 is the most you should have, and it's still a lot.

You're missing a ton of trainers. At least 30 is the right count.

You have extra Pokémon and a very complicated set up. Too much Stage 2 evos and different pokémon. Remember you only have 5 spots in bench. If you don't have the proper trainers, you'll be lucky dependant on the draws. You must try to get what you need in the right moment. And it's easier with less variety of choices.

AOR Metagross is your only Expanded card in the deck (?) If so, remove it. If is not, there's a lot more options than the next.


I would sharp the strategy to Metal only. Lunala needs too much energy for a low damage output. And still Psy transfer ability can move only Psy energies. Solgaleo GX being your main attacker need basically metal. Side brainstorm: Magnezone UPR 83 comes also to my mind. Ultra Necrozma GX FLI 95 is another option of main attacker. High damage output with the benefit of being a Basic pokémon.


Good trainers you may need include:






Prof Elm's lecture


Ultra ball.

Mysterious treasure

Field blower

Rescue stretcher

Metal frying pan

Choice band

Max potion


Mt Coronet


And you can also think about



Erika's hospitality

Acro bike


Metal googles


Spell tag


Steven's resolve (if you include 1 or 2 CES 95 Metagross)


I don't like Timer ball and I would totally remove Hoopa.


Dhelmise GRI 59 used to be a tech for Metal decks. Lele GX it's a must if in budget.


Probably missing something and without testing, as a theoretic exercise a list for a Solgaleo/Metragross deck could look like this:


****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon - 16
* 4 Cosmog TEU 69
* 2 Cosmoem TEU 70
* 2 Solgaleo-GX SUM 89

* 1 Solgaleo-GX PR-SM SM104

* 3 Beldum CES 92
* 2 Metang CES 94
* 2 Metagross-GX GRI 85

##Trainer Cards - 30
* 2 Cynthia UPR 119

* 2 Jasmine TEU 145

* 2 Professor Elm’s Lecture LOT 188

* 2 Hala GRI 126

* 2 Guzma BUS 115

* 4 Rare Candy CES 142
* 4 Mysterious Treasure FLI 113

* 1 Nest Ball SUM 123

* 2 Ultra Ball SUM 135

* 2 Max Potion GRI 128
* 2 Field Blower GRI 125
* 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
* 2 Choice Band GRI 121


* 2 Mt. Coronet UPR 130

##Energy - 14
* 14 Metal Energy

Total Cards - 60

If you move to Expanded, possibilities become endless.

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20 energy is too much - 15 is usually the upper limit, and even then you'll only want that many if you're using something that burns through energy exceptionally quickly.  


If your objective is specifically to make a deck with both Solgaleo GX and Lunala GX, Naganadel and/or Mt. Coronet would be superior to Metagross GX, since they come out a lot faster and the former gets better synergy with Psychic Transfer. 


Forbidden Light Hoopa isn't a great choice - utility attackers tend to give your opponent a free shot, and at 80 hitpoints there's a very good chance Hoopa will get OHKO'd.  Better choices for include Team Up Jirachi (Pairs nicely with Solgaleo GX and can hit trainer cards too) or Order Pads (Can misfire but has a substantially lower commitment than Hoopa).


Guzma is a must-have.  The only decks that can really get away with not running at least two Guzmas are decks that have some other way of pulling targets off of the opponent's bench.


Cynthia and/or Tate & Liza are also definite must-haves - I'd suggest the former if you're more worried about card advantage, or the latter if you want an additional option for switching out.


This might be more of a 'personal taste' thing, but I feel that it's generally better to stick to one type of Stadium (unless you want Shrine of Punishment as tech or are running a {*} stadium).  I'd therefore suggest that if you're going to stick to dual-typing, you'd be better off swapping Altar of the Sunne for another copy of Altar of the Moone - Lunala can't benefit from the former but Solgaleo can still make use of the latter.  Running a few Metal Frying Pans for Solgaleo is a more efficient way of getting rid of that Fire weakness.  


Ultra Ball > Timer Ball.  Timer Ball's ability to get a second target 25% of the time does not make up for the fact that it fails 25% of the time.  Ultra Ball requires more cards, but since your plan involves pulling energy out of the discard anyway this isn't really much of a drawback.  Mysterious Treasure is also a good alternative.


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Hello all,

Thanks a lot for all the help you have given. Wether I have used it or not, it has been appreaciated

After a lot of thinking I have decided on this deck for now:

17 Pokémon:

4 cosmog

2 cosmoem

3 solgaleo GX

1 lunala GX

2 beldum

1 metang

2 metagross GX

2 Alolan vulpix

15 energy:

9 steel energy

6 psychic energy

28 trainers:

4 rare candy

2 altar of the moone

4 professor sycamore

2 nest ball

2 timer ball

4 max potion

2 vs seeker

2 super rod

2 guzma

2 proffesor elms lecture

2 proffesors letter

Any final words of advice are welcome. Now for the reasons I made my changes.

I chose to reduce to 1 lunala so I can use the psychic transfer ability only (due to its attack being quite bad). Because of this I increased the solgaleo GX’s by 1. I then got rid of metagross and 1 metang and beldum. I also added 2 alolan vulpix instead of the hoopas so that I can get more Pokémon into my hand. I then lowered the energy count and used a lot of your advice for the trainers.

For those who didn’t see it above the aim of this deck is to power up solgaleo then use lunala to move more energy to solgaleo while metagross GX keeps getting energy back from the discard pile. I also kept lunala so I can move all energy of a Pokémon (like solgaleo) then use a max potion before moving it all back.

As I said, any final words of advice or battling techniques are welcome. You can also try and persuade me to change my Pokémon (good luck) although I want to try to use these ones. The most likely changes (if there are any) will be in the trainers again.

So, thanks again to everyone who’s helped me get this far, I am alsmost there! Just a little more final tips and I’ll be ready to start playing!

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I forgot to tell you about a few important cards such as Meganium from Lost Thunder. She has the ability to evolve a basic pokemon into a stage 2 Pokemon in your hand. If you're looking to recover Energy, you should instead use Energy Retrieval or Superior Energy Retrieval. Since you're using Lunala, you could also use Naganandel's ability to grab the energies back. 

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