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I want some cardz \o/


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Also accept offers of packs or playable stuff if you don't have my wants ^^


Key - Rev = Reverse






1x Catcher


4x Rare Candy


1x Pokémon Collector


1x Quilava






3x Red Gyarados (2 Rev, 1 Holo)


1x Ho-oh Legend Full


1x Steelix Prime


1x Blissey Prime


1x Ampharos Prime


1x Meganium Prime


1x Jumpluff HGSS


1x Serperior Ability


1x Sunflora HGSS


1x Vanilluxe NV


2x Slowking HGSS


4x Noctowl


1x Pidgeot TR


1x Mismagius UL Rev


2x Hypno HGSS (1 Rev)




and some more "not much playable rares"






8x Prof. Elm Training Method HGSS


3x Seeker


1x Super Scoop Up UL


1x Junk Arm


1x Prof. Juniper BW


2x Interviewer's Question


2x N


1x Pluspower BW


1x Lost World


Various HGSS Energy.




Have fun ^^






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