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tokens can they be used yet? and how can you use external cards in tcgo beta


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hi there ppl


i have 2 questions for the moderators


1) are we gonna be able to use tokens yet in tcgo beta shop cus i have over 200


2) is there a way to get to use your cards in real life (e.g. my full art reshiram card) in tcgo beta


(in other words how can i get a card on to tcgo separately with out codes?)


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Hello Trainers!


For the moment, you cannot use tokens in TCGO. But you are able to use them in Pokemon.com for your trainer avatar.


As for the ability to use online cards or real life cards in TCGO, it is not possible. The cards that are in the TCGO are ment for TCGO only. For now, there is no way to buy virtual cards directly from a source. You need to submit the online codes to unlock and then trade.


I hope this answers your question!






Robot Sky Pirate Moderator!


"Never let your sense of morals stand in the way of doing what's right"


Isaac Asimov


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