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im net to the game online have a **** of a collection online and in RL anyone wanna help me out send friends request or a msg and help me out on the setup and deck building and stuff please and thank you.

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It might help to make sure none of your words were caught by the censor.  Sometimes, it censors some very odd words due to them vaguely resembling workarounds for other words. XP  If you were saying you're new to the online game with a very shallow online cardpool, then what you need most is to grind in the Theme Format.  I recommend Blazing Volcano, even though you'll run into a decent amount of Water because Blazing Volcano and Relentless Flame are very popular Theme Decks.


Grinding through the Theme Format isn't just about earning rewards to eventually build your Standard Format decks, but getting a feel for how the PTCGO differs from the PTCG.  Not just in gameplay, but in trading.  I don't know if any of them are still around, but when I got into the PTCGO a few years ago, there were PTCGO "players" who just here for the trading; it was in-depth enough that they found it to be a game of its own. :)


I'm not sure how much people will be able to help you at the moment; SM - Team Up just released a few weeks ago and only just became tournament legal one week ago.  I know I'm rushing around, trying to trade for what I need from that still.  Most of what people can spare are probably the easiest cards to acquire, the ones that are good for learning how to prosper in the PTCGO.


So... give us some more information.

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1.Get pack from tournaments or by trading cards you already have. Team up and Lost Thunder are the most preferable.

2.Trade pack to cheap gx that has relatively high demand .Trade gx to two packs. Repeat now with those aquired two packs. Then with four.Prepare to fail few trades. These don't always go through but when they do it means you have doubled in value!

3.After having around 8-10 start to think other trading options.For instance trade 2 packs for 2 x cards that are often traded for 2 packs each. Then trade these cards as bundle to 3 packs. While you could be trading each one for 2 packs separately, selling them basically only for 1,5 pack price each  gives a lot better chance for trade to go through and still gives you one pack in process. Again, prepare to fail some trades but now having much better succes rate than in beginning.

4.Repeat number 3 now with more variety of cards you are buying and selling. I would think having 4 trade offers per card is quite good amount. While you should now start having realtively good pool of boosters,keep stable amount of boosters in save instead of trading them all on cards that you want. Also ensure you are both selling and buying cards at the same time to maximize time spent and boosters gotten.

5.Be creative!Test with what you can get away with in trades. You should have now realively high amount of boosters and stable flow in boosters so you could try to test buying more expensive cards. For instance trade expensive for multiple less expensive cards with profit. Then trade these less expensive cards to cheap cards like you have been trading in point number 3,again with some profit. Finally trade these cheap cards like you normally would to packs again,with profit.


Problems situations:

Problem with not having enough coins? Do daily missions. Still shortage?Go grind zorua and zoroark puzzle at https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-online-games/zorua-and-zoroarks-puzzle-pack/ (immediately mute the music from browser settings,thank me later.)


Failing to get cards traded?Test with different boostersand with different amounts ,that are still somewhat profitable to you. If everything else fails try selling the card back with the price you bought it. If all else fails try to trade the card to another card that has better market. Overall always keep eye on how your trades are going through and for how much people are trading their cards. Also try to estimate how much upcoming expansions and tournaments could affect values.


I hope you got some ideas from this!

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