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[Card Bug] Goodra Ability: "Hydration" interactions with Special energies


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I've experimented and discovered 2 card bugs


Client: *****************

Card: Goodra / Double Dragon Energy

Card Number: Forbidden Light #94 (Goodra), Roaring Skies #97 (Double Dragon Energy)

Expected Action: Hydration heals Goodra 20 HP every time water energy is attached. When double dragon energy is attached, both energies will be counted as every type (including water), healing 40 hp overall.

Actual Action: Double dragon energy doesn't trigger heal from Hydration at all

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Have Goodra (with Hydration ability) take damage from opponent to show healing later

2. Attach double dragon energy to Goodra


Client: *****************

Card: Goodra, Healing Scarf, Rainbow Energy

Card Number: Forbidden Light #94 (Goodra), Roaring Skies #84 (Healing Scarf), Sun & Moon #137 (Rainbow Energy)

Expected Action: Rainbow Energy should heal twice, ***************** overall when added to Goodra (with Hydration ability) that has Healing Scarf equipped

Actual Action: Rainbow energy will only heal once with healing scarf, ***************** overall

Steps to reproduce:

1. Attach healing scarf to Goodra (that has Hydration ability)

2. Have Goodra take damage from opponent to show healing later

3. Add rainbow energy to Goodra

TLDR for what I've noticed:

-Double Dragon Energy won't trigger Goodra's Hydration ability

-Rainbow Energy works properly deal it's 10 dmg and heal for 20 (from triggering hydration)

-Rainbow Energy added on top of healing scarf will only heal 20 overall, not 30

-Water energy works properly alone (healing 20 HP) and with healing scarf (healing 40 HP)

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