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Game/Pokemon.com Sync errors causing large Token losses


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Hey all, 


     Sorry to bring up a known issue in a different context -- but PLEASE get this sync issue fixed. So, I was taking a breather from the game and watching some Pokemon cartoons with my daughter... In game I had something like 292 tokens. 


     I finally figured out the way to get the tokens to work on the PokemonTv site and watched somewhere in the ballpark of 7-9 episodes with my daughter. Last I noted I think I had 42 tokens as the count from PokemonTv. My daughter ran off, I paused and headed to the forums to check something. While on the forums I noticed that someone was there requesting help, and a mod threw that person a few TeamUp codes, but someone stole them before he could redeem them. I have about 200 random codes laying around for my wife and son that are mixed boosters and theme decks. I gave him 4 theme decks and about twenty random SM & XY boosters. I told him to friend me in game and I'd throw him some EX/GX cards and a few Prism Stars with a  handful of 100+HP basics to help him really get started. I also explained the basics of how to get more tokens and boosters fastest to really get moving into competitive Pokemon Versus play. 

    Anyhow, as I was ticking my cards for trade my day rolled over with a new daily challenge and daily prize (25+10 tokens). I hit up the challenges and prize to bring my total in game tokens to 327. My daughter came back in and I continued on PokemonTv... When I updated my tokens they dropped to 317, effectively losing 52 tokens due to the sync issue... 

     To me, that's a lot of wasted time I can never recover... please nudge the devs to get this working correctly. 

NOTE: I realize that I should have fully logged out of the website, then out of the game, then back into the website, and that would have likely prevented the issue... my bad. But... I've been playing games on Steam, Origin, GOG, GamersGate, Uplay, and PWE for years, and they don't have this issue -- so I know it can be fixed. I also know that this (Pokemon) must be a huge cashcow for Nintendo, so what gives?


(please note I do not mean this in an aggressive or sarcastic tone if it's how it comes off)

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