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A suggestion for the game developers...


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I am fairly new here and my biggest complaint that I have found is the high number of people that setup for a game in VS, then before anyone attacks or anything, they just concede the match. This happened to me in 5 of 7 of my last battles, the other two conceded after I KOed their first Pokemon... I was trying to achieve a challenge (knock out 5 Pokemon with Fire Type), but am unable to do so because no one is playing their hand through. 

Considering that this is such a regular occurrence in game (roughly five to eight of ten VS matches or so), I wanted to make a suggestion to the developers.


When someone concedes - especially before the first Pokemon has even been KOed - have an in game pop-up stating, "PlayerX has conceded: Do you wish to continue the battle? Yes/No," and if the player selects "Yes" the server takes over the player's deck with an AI player and continues the battle (with the potential of still losing the match), if you select "No," you get the free win. 


Maybe even have a second pop-up to confirm if someone presses "Yes" that says, "Are you sure? If you lose the match will be counted as a loss. Yes/No." 

I'm a new player, I haven't played the game in a long time (since circa 1998). I don't have the best cards nor the best moves to be intimidating enough to make so many people quit the match. I am also on a fixed schedule and have to work, so I don't have a whole lot of free time to play the game, and want to test out my decks against other people's decks when I do. I don't mind all the free VS points, but I would rather continue playing the hand even if it means a loss that would've been a free win... It's no fun to wait for a challenger, load in, setup, then "Victory!" back to the lobby to find another challenger, load in, setup, then "Victory!" again and again... 

Please, I've beaten all the trainers with 4 stars, and I know what cards they are going to play before they even play them. I want to play against people with random decks, not just get free wins handed to me.

(I know this has got to be one of the oddest complaints ever)

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I'd like this.


The biggest problem implementing this might be that the AI in this game is... not very I.


Well, that, and the whole "adding features" thing. They tend to go the other way more often.

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