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The Obligatory Make 'Em Pay deck (needs tinkering)

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So, I have a rather odd deck (or at least one I haven't seen anyone else play yet) that I needed some help with.
The main problem is an issue with consistency that I'm having trouble rectifying - pretty good idea of where the problem here is, but I need suggestions on the best way to fix it.
The other problem is in finding a way to answer strats that the deck just doesn't have a very good answer to yet.

Cards in appearance are ordered relative to their importance to the overall strategy.

Pokemon (21)

Meowth (Burning Shadows) x 2
Persian (Team Up) x2


Pidgey (Team Up - Collect) x 3
Pidgeotto (Team Up) x 3
Pidgeot (Team Up) x2

Trubbish (Guardians Rising) x2
Garbodor (Guardians Rising) x2

Alolan Meowth (Lost Thunder) x2
Alolan Persian (Lost Thunder) x2

Oranguru (Ultra Prism) x1

Stadium (3)


Altar of the Moone x2
Wondrous Labyrinth x1


Items (9)

Enhanced Hammer x3
Field Blower x2
Nest Ball x2
Rescue Stretcher x2


Supporters (15)

Cynthia x4
Faba x1
Guzma x2
Pulmeria x2  <<It'd be 4 if I had 4 copies>>
Elm's Lecture x3
Looker x3



Energy (12)


Psychic Energy x8
Double-Colorless Energy x4


Aside from Team Up Persian and the Pidgeot line, I'm not really married to any of the Pokemon - the biggest problems I'm currently facing (aside from some terrible matchups against Vikavolt and Magnezone) are issues with consistency and a general lack of offensive power mid-game.  Decks like the new Gyarados are also a problem.


Any suggestions for improvement would be very much appreciated.

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