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Just started playing Pokemon Go

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Hey, I just started playing Pokemon Go about a couple of weeks, and while it doesn't take much to figure out the ends and outs, at the same time, it takes awhile to make sure not let it become too much of a distraction while walking.  At the same time, when a pokemon pops up, need to be careful, where I stop, considering a grown man with a smartphone, never know what kind of suspicion one can raise if I catch pokemon at the wrong places.


What i think about the game so far, while it's interesting they give a real world approach to catching pokemon, it feels weird when I see pokemon in weird places, like in a wall, in the middle of the road, even with traffic, or even some times, looks like they are floating in midair.


Right now, I have two researches I'm trying to get done, but are proving impossible.  One of them is catching a Ditto, which ironically, are harder to catch then a dratini.  The other, trying to learn how to throw great curveballs, since that is proving to be a difficult task in itself.


The one thing I find most annoying about it, is that when I try to buy Pokecash, my cards don't seem to work.  Keep getting a message saying something like, 'this transaction can't be completed.'  The other annoying thing is the network I'm using having issues at the worst times.  Like recently, I found a dratini that is about 11cp, an easy capture with a pokeball, which after the third shake, the game freezes, and when it starts working again, it goes straight to the map, and I didn't get the capture, dang it.


Well, anyway, here is my trainer code:


1606 2421 5900


If you want to be friends, feel free to use it.  If you have stories to share, feel free to share them.

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Hello GrewupGeek, thanks for sharing your experiences with Pokemon Go and I'm glad to hear your enjoying it. The only Pokemon Go story I can think of is that near my house there is a pokestop at a random building that me and my girlfriend would do raids at. Then she got a new job and I asked her where it was and she said the name of the building and I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she said the street it was on and I still had no idea where it was. So she finally said it was at the pokestop where we do raids, and I was like oh yeah I know where that is. You know you might play to much PokemonGo when you are using pokestops as landmarks.

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