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Best. Nickname. Ever!!!

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At the very beginning of my pokemon journey when i got pokemon pearl i had no idea my empoleon (piplup at the time) was a boy because of that arrow thing and named it LILA wink_smile.png. i was young, what could you expect??


then i got my third badge and realized my mistake. i flew back to eterna or wherever you had to change your name and i put it back to empoleon sad_smile.png


then i got platinum, and barely any nicknames for me. but every once in a while one of my siblings said a wierd word that wasnt even real but was catchy and suiting for that certain pokemon.


for example: eevee lintiefluuf. regular_smile.png yeah its kinda stupid but what can i say?


and then i got heartgold and i named like EVERYTHING agent(put a number here) and so on.


eventually i got black and my nicknames had a whole new personality to them:


my Haxorus: weedy...


my Bisharp: HAT!!


my Reshiram: (surprisingly enough) beardo. (but when i send him out i call him beardo the wierdo teeth_smile.png)


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Well, I've beaten both SoulSilver and Black, and have the best team EVER. I luv their nicknames.


I named my lv. 96 Mewtwo Twisted( because he has one sick cry), my Dragonite Amazon(cuz she's a female warrior), my Feraligatr Bruce(it came to me), my new Milotic Serenity(it seemed appropriate), my Volcarona Sunshine(she's sweet), and my Lucario Aaron(after the Aura Knight from the Sinnoh movie). I also named my Wailord Rose, from the titanic movie, and my cloyster PurpleHand from the curse goin round at my school. i currently have the curse.


my lil sis is insane, cuz she picks the worst names. get this: she named her Zekrom ZAPPY.sad_smile.pngpoor zekrom.


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she named her Zekrom ZAPPY.



That reminds me;


When I was really young and was playing the first MD I named Magnimite 'Happy'....


I don't know why, I just did and even stranger... That was the only pokemon (in the Main games and MD) I had that had a nickname...




Now I'm getting the urge to name my zekrom Zappy <img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/whatchutalkingabout_smile.png" alt="" />


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That Mewtwo's face.... XD




(I have heard rumors of people naming their Mewtwo things like Caterpie to throw off link-battlers, however)


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3 hours ago, PokéBaseMini said:

I need names for my Victini, i've got Vic and Pulsar, but I don't think they're good enough. 😞


Hello @PokéBaseMini


First of all, Happy New Year! 🎄


Please read here my recent response in regard to reviving old threads.


Thank you for your understanding. 

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