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Help with Fliptini/Incineroar Deck


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Hello. So I’ve been trying to help build my brother a standard format deck with Fliptini (GRI),Incineroar (SUM), Incineroar GX (SUM), Alolan Marowak (CRI), and Orricorrio Fire Type (GRI)

I’ve been trying but can’t figure out a good combo for this deck. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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I think Incineroar GX is strong enough with the 1st attack, and 250HP is not easy to 1HKO. Max potion is your friend and for 1 energy with full bench hits 110. Then you can add Choice band.


To make Fliptini work, you need 3 energies in your pokémon, and right now doesn't come to my mind how to accelerate fire energy charging. Add Counter gain to attack for 2 if you back in prizes.


Good cards for a fire deck:


Magcargo CES 24



Blaine's last stand

Lysandre {*}

Heat Factory {*}

The masked royal (Stage 2)


If you have any list, you can share it

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Hey Chasista,


Thanks for the suggestions, they help. I think Kiawe (BUS) is a little energy heavy and costly for this deck. The Masked Royal (CES), and Heat Factory (LOT), are great. Fire acceleration for expanded is Legendary Treasures Emboar, which is similar to the famous Deluge Blastoise. For standard, you can use Magcargo (CES), like you suggested, and Magcargo GX (LOT). Yes, Max Potion (GRI) is always your friend in low energy decks and Choice Band (GRI) is good in almost any deck. Counter Gain (LOT), could be a possibility, but I’ve heard this is a fast deck so with faster prizes, Counter again would be ineffective. It could work though. Thanks again for your help.

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