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LF: Harder To Come By Items


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The first section is decks, the second section is all gems, and the third section is cards in gem theme decks, and the last section is random cards that I might as well add to the list. Thanks for taking the time looking through them all! :)

Recon Theme Deck (Tangrowth CoL)
FuriousFists25    Amura- Galaxy/Cosmos Foil, Part of Fossil Set
FuriousFists26    Aurorus- Galaxy/Cosmos Foil, Part of Fossil Set
FuriousFists61    Tyrunt- Galaxy/Cosmos Foil, Part of Fossil Set
FuriousFists62    Tyrantrum- Galaxy/Cosmos Foil, Part of Fossil Set
FuriousFists92    Fossil Researcher -Galaxy/Cosmos Foil, Part of Fossil Set
XY05    Xerneas
XY23    Shiftry
XY131    Pansear
XY132    Gastly
XY137    Vivillon
XY138    Froakie
XY139    Floette
XY160    Black Kyurem
XY161    Braixen
BW54    Pikachu
NXD40    Raichu- Galaxy/Cosmos Foil
HGSS Base  Arcanine - Non-Holo
HGSS Base  Feraligatr - Shard Foil
CoL Lucario - Non-Holo
CoL Magmortar - Non-Holo
HGSS Base Meganium - Shard Foil
Unleashed Mismagius - Non-Holo
CoL Ninetales - Non-Holo
HGSS Base Noctowl - Non-Holo
Unleashed Steelix - Shard Foil
HGSS Base Typhlosion - Shard Foil
Unleashed Tyranitar - Shard Foil
Fates Collide Tyranitar - Burst Holo 
Steam Seige Shiftry - Burst Holo
Breakthrough Vivillon - Burst Holo
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