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bharmalm's trading thread.


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2x Electrode


2x Kyurem


1x Terakion (preferably FA)


1x Vileplume


3x Twins


Xx Packs




4x Kingdra Prime


4x Chiccino BW


Xx Rare Candy


Xx Pokemon Catcher




1x Cobalion


3x Donphan P


1x N (FA)


1x Rare Candy


1x Suecune & Entei legend (full)


1x Raikou & Entei legend (top)


1x Darkrai & Cresselia legend (bottom)


2x Shaymin


2x Emboar (A)


2x Reshiram (Non-FA)


2x Reuniclus


1x Roserade


Have a variety of Lower Value cards, just ask!


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ok i'll get back to you on the cobalion, not 100 percent sure yet




Just let me know.


I need one more catcher for my CaKE deck.


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have 1 cobalion and 1 kyurem together for 2 donphan p and 1 reshi,cobalion for lanturn p or tyranitar p,kyurem for 2 donphan or 2 shaymin


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