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Decks that need love


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Hello, I’m gonna be sharing three under appreciated decks.


1. Garchomp(UPR)/Lucario(UPR)/Cynthia(UPR)



You may be thinking that this deck is popular as heck but it’s not. There are also things missing. Below I’ll explain.


Missing Cards:


a. Alolan Vulpix (GR)

Alolan Vulpix’s no cost beacon attack helps seek out Pokémon and it has a low retreat cost of one. This is really important for this deck.

b. Pal Pad (UPR)

Pal Pad helps by letting you shuffle Cynthia from your discard pile to your hand. You can use up to 12 times with Cynthia with 4 Pal Pad in your deck!

c. Shrine of Punishment (CS)

You’re most likely not gonna include any GX in this deck (Unless your using Tapu Lele-GX (GR), which is different.) So, you might as well do damage to your opponent’s GX.


2. Whiscash(GR)/Mallow(GR)


This deck runs on Whiscash’s Landslip attack, which costs one fighting energy and three colorless energy. First you use Mallow to put two fighting energy on top of your deck (You might want to use Tapu Lele-GX to seek it out.). Then use Whiscash’s Landslip attack to do a guaranteed 200 damage ********* makes you discard the top three cards of your decks, and does 100 fighting energy for each one you discard.). This deck is not the one for deck thinners. Shrine of Punishment can be used too.


3.Greninja GX(FL)/Swampert(CS)/Meganium(LT)/Super Boost Energy* (UPR)


You need to have this deck in a certain position to operate at it’s best, Greninja GX as your active Pokémon, multiple Swampert and Meganium on your bench, Super Boost Energy attached to Greninja GX , and less than five cards in your deck. You use Meganium’s Quick-Ripening Herb Ability to set up your stage 2s, rare candy also works (use both.). Have Super Boost Energy provide energy to Stage 2 (Greninja GX!). Use Swampert’s ability Power Draw to retrieve cards. Use Greninja GX’s Haze Slash attack yo do damage and shuffle Greninja GX into your deck. The use Power Draw to get the cards back, set up Greninja again, and repeat. This makes it practically invincible! Guzma and Acerola help with switching your active Pokémon


I’ll soon be sharing two more decks. I hope these decks help.

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