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Status condition


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I really wanna make a status condition deck but my pool of cards is limited and I wouldn't know where to start or how viable a status condition deck would be. I have a Delphox with mystical flame and a Salazzle which I really like alot. My next few purchases will be the theme deck I got him in so I can run four. Thoughts?

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Toxapex GX with Malamar.


Or any or the 4 Salazzle, specially the UPR's. And you can mix it.


If you play no EX/GX: Shrine of punishment to add still more damage to EX/GX.


BUS Seviper in bench is optional.


Expanded add Virbank city gym and Hypnotoxic laser.


I don't see Delphox is very good. You can get a lot more from Poison than from Burn. If you can do both, go on. But fire is 2 counters a turn and flip a coin to remove. Poison can be a lot and lasts until retreat or healing. In addition Delphox is a Stage 2.


BUS Darkrai GX, GXs attack KOs an active is affected by a Special condition (any). It's basic, but needs dark energies. You can always use Rainbow, (as Unit energies doesn't match dark, psy and fire) but I don't think it worth unless you focus actually in a different (Dark) deck.


Any pokémon that Confuses, Sleeps or Paralyses (although this last should be or is always through coin flip), would help.

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I'll look into trading for toxapex and malamar. Mystical flame is an ability though so it's guaranteed burn every turn.


I actually played and lost against a seviper deck. He had all four on his bench.

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Hey, which Salazzle do you have? The psychic one or the one with the Hot Poison ability or...?

I recently saw a cute discount deck that used the Mareep with the Fluffy Pillow ability that puts the opponent's active Pokemon to sleep if the Mareep is in the active, then you retreat it to the Salazzle with Hunter's Nails to do 120 damage. It's on Pokegoldfish, the article is called "Budget Blast: Hunter's Condition".

If you want to focus on burn, consider trading for the stadium Wela Volcano Park. It came in the mini-set Dragon Majesty so you can't buy the packs in the shop, but the stadium prevents burn from going away even if your opponent flips heads. There's also a stage two Infernape with an ability that causes burn to do 60 damage between turns instead of 20 (note that this doesn't stack so you don't need more than one Infernape on the bench at a time). You can combo this with basic attackers like Torkoal or other such fellas with burn attacks. Tho to be honest, there's not really many good ones. I guess you can always use Hot Poison and use whatever attacker you want ^^ Might be a bit clunky tho.

There's also a new Parasect with an ability that does 20 extra damage to the opponent's confused Pokemon between turns if you want to head in that direction. DarkIntegralGaming (a YTer) combo'd the Lost Thunder Tapu Lele, who has an ability that says whenever you attach a Fairy Charm to it you can confuse your opponent's active, with Magearna with the Change Clothes ability that lets you pick a tool card up, thereby allowing you to repeatedly confuse your opponent's Pokemon.

In an upcoming set there will be a water Kyurem that does 110 damage and also paralyzes the opponent for two discarded water that will combo excellently with Quagsire and Naganadel. That'll be an annoying status deck to deal with when it comes out in, like, May. :P

If you go to Expanded there's a decent amount of other status causing cards. Like an Ariados with a poison from the bench ability (although Lasers exist so not that useful :** and a Hypno that puts actives to sleep with the ability Goodnight Babies.

Also it's worth noting that the new Alolan Grimer does 20+ 50 more damage for every status condition on your opponent's active Pokemon. There's a few different Pokemon like that, with Ninetales (Dragons Exalted 19) being the best in my opinion (because it's the same attack with Lycanroc-GX's ability for a single fire instead of a DCE), but that's an older Expanded only card.

Hope that gives you some more ideas! :)

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