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Expanded prizes in versus mode?


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I see that the game suddenly offers what I would expanded prizes in versus mode. By that I mean instead of getting 2 or 5 Lost Thunder booster packs and a Silvally GX, we get an ancient booster pack from  which is not included in standard and some weird EX card that I have no use of. Why this sudden change? Are the prizes random, individual or general? There's more motivation in receiving standard prizes instead of expanded.


Please continue with standard prizes. :-)


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I want all weeks Legacy cards and packs and they're not there. Who's right?

Both Standard and Expanded are sanctioned formats. Ladder prizes rotate every 3 weeks from Standard to Expanded and back, offering a different pack from B/W to Evo. The last expanded ladder was Plazma Freeze + P Juniper FA. That was a lot more crazy than any Standard existing ladder :lol:

It's same for all players, and it's how it works, It just change one format to another. And a ton of players play Expanded. It have to be prizes for everyone.

Edit: Just come to see the new ladder and I have to say it's not PFL+Juniper FA but DEX+P. Groudon EX+Korrina FA is quite impressive. Saying this is "some kind of ancient pack+a weird EX" sounds like a joke to m€. Thi$ is a lot more motivating to me than any Standard prize and the reason is, all the cards and packs in this ladder are very good and indeed in the Expanded Meta. In Standard, Silvally GX is not even close to Meta. Of course they gave some interesting cards like Guzma or Acerola. It's just a gap of 3 weeks to see what's next for the only-Standard players be happy again.

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