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Trading Super Rare Cards!!!


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Looking to trade some cards for packs. Only looking for packs




2x Pachirisu (7 packs each)


1x Shaymin (5 packs each)


1x Emboar Ability PROMO (3packs)


1x Ninetales with ability (2 packs)


1x Landorus (2 packs)


3x Cinncinno (1 pack each)


1x Victini V-Blast (1 pack)


1x Absol Prime (2 packs)


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@EmpoleonQueen ok ill put Victini up in my binder if u are still on.


@boosterpack01 will also put up Landorus


@greciandelts ill give you absol at 1 pack if you buy another of my cards.


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