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DG Trading Thread


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Hey everyone decide to post a thread here to help with tracking down the cards that i'm missing




<strike>Full Suicune & Entei Legend</strike>


<strike>Full Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend</strike>


<strike>Mew Prime</strike>




<strike>Ho-Oh (SL5)</strike>


<strike>Kyogre (SL6)</strike>


<strike>Lugia (SL7)</strike>


<strike>Suicune (SL11)</strike>


<strike>Raikou (SL9)</strike>




<strike>Deoxys (SL1)</strike>


<strike>Rayquaza (SL10)</strike>


CoL Basic Energies <strike>(Dark, Fighting</strike>, Fire, <strike>Grass, Electric</strike>, and Psychic)


<strike>Ability Reuniclus</strike>


<strike>FA Cobalion</strike>


<strike>FA N</strike>




I know it might be a pain but if you do have any of my wants above let me know and i'll post my binder


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You should have seen the free deck comment coming a mile away.



Oh I know there's been a lot of that going around the past two days it seems..


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