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I am trading some of my cards for other cards or packs.


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These are the cards i am trading:


  • x1 Virizion NV(1 Pack)
  • x3 Yanmega Prime(7 Packs Each)
  • <strike>Kingdra Prime(5 Packs Each)</strike>
  • Samurott Ability(2 Packs)
  • Pachirisu(7 Packs)
  • Landorus(1 Pack)
  • Terrakion NV(2 Packs)
  • Cobalion NV(2 Packs)
  • Meowth NV(1 Pack)
  • Smaergle(1 Pack)
  • Darkrai & Cresselia Full Legend(2 Packs)
  • x3 Accelgor(1 Pack Each)
  • x3 Vanilluxe(1 Pack Each)
  • Druddigon(1 Pack)
  • x2 Archeops(1 pack for both)
  • Victini V-blast(1 Pack)
  • x1 Rare Candy(3 Packs)



  • 3 Lucario(CoL)
  • 4 Mew Prime

If you want to offer packs for my cards the prices are next to them. I am also trading my cards for cards on my wanted list. Please make offers. Tese are the packs i prefer Unleashed(UL), Noble Victors(NV), but i will accept almost any packs.






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I can't trade it for 2 packs sorrysad_smile.png. I can trade you 4 Rare Candy for 12 packs? The Candy are in my binder if you want to send me an offer.


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offer sent, tell me what you pulled



In CoL i the only good pull was Cleffa, In NV it was FA Terrakion and Virizion, and in UL i got 1 Rare Candy and Blastoise.


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