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I entered a closed beta pack key, and I hear everyone has played an online match recently, yet for some reson It just says comming soon for me...


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I entered all mine last night and I am still waiting to play online myself against others... I spent over 10 minutes putting every code I had in and there nothing happens... cause of the maintence and now that I trying to get in all I get is that it unavilvable cause it a closed beta... it really doing my head in cause I had 32 codes...


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Hello Trainers!




I just wanted to let you guys know that this is a known issue with your codes being redeemed, but you’re not able to play TCG Online.


Once again, please visit the Pokémon Support Portal to submit a ticket with the following information. We are gathering as much information as we can for players that are running into this issue, please update your ticket with the information listed below:




• Username


• Registered Email


• Date your code was entered


• Where you purchased your code




Keep in mind that we are working through a slew of tickets like this and we please ask for your patients as we get the issue under control.




Thanks again Trainers!




liGht = tRuth = fOcus


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