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Mistakes in Winning Deck Lists


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Just a heads up, for players who use the official Event Results:
This official resource seems to be slightly off these last couple months...
1.  The Latin America Internationals (in Brazil) doesn't include the 8th place Granbull list (only shows 7 of the top 8).
2.  For the Roanoke Regionals, the deck list for Ultra Malamar (#7) only has 58 cards.  It's missing 2 of the 3 Ultra Necrozma.
3.  For the last 3 major events (Brazil, Roanoke, & Anaheim), the results show the 5th thru 8th places in a different order than other online resources.  I would like to think the official site is correct, but it appears it might be mistaken.
And this is just for Masters.  ;)
Whoever is responsible (at TPCi) has been posting the results quite slowly, sometimes a couple weeks after they've been played.  Okay, it's not a priority, and we have to wait.  That's just the way it is.  But is there any way the quality control can be improved once they're posted?

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