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Theme Decks for Trainer Challenge


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Why are some Theme Decks allowed only for Trainer Challenge and others allowed only for Versus and Events and HOW CAN I TELL THE DIFFERENCE?

Nothing is more annoying than spending hard earned Gold on a Theme Deck only to find that it can't be used for the Daily Challenge I purchased it for?

Would you be willing to give the players a way to 'Build' Theme Decks usable for Trainer Challenge?

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As far as I can remember, the only Theme that cannot be used in VS/Events is Mental might. The only you cannot use in Trainer challenge is Ralling Cry.


All the rest, at least the ones can be gotten now by new accounts, can be used in thrice Trainer challenge, VS and Events, and Daily challenges.


Did you already won 7 games in the Trainer challenge with the Fire, Lighting and Water beginner decks (Born of fire, Crushing current and Hidden depths) to complete'em? That's the condition to unlock'em and play'em in VS/Events, in Theme VS or Theme Event modes only of course. Same if your beginner starter decks would be XY basic Red, XY Basic Yellow and XY Basic Blue whom are older.


You can copy the decks to play it in Standard/Expanded/Legacy. But normal would be being destroyed against Meta decks.


More than that, you can use any bought in shop deck everywhere in the game, again, in THEME mode.


About the Daily challenge, if you have to KO pokémon with your fire ones, won't work playing Mach strike or Iron tide to complete ir. They are not fire pokémon in there, but I don't think that's the issue.


Did I hit the nail? If not, is there any example you can give us of what is not working with the name of the decks and the mode you're trying to play?

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A thing a new player may not understand is that the daily challenges after a certain (early) point cannot be completed in the trainer challenge. The deck used does not matter for this, it is the challenge that tells where it can be done.


If this is what you are encountering, the theme decks will still work, but must be used in Versus theme matches, not trainer challenge.


Newer theme decks are better than older ones, but there are some challenges for which there is no good theme deck.

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All Theme Decks in the shop are compatible with Trainer Challenge. The only decks that aren't are exclusive to codes and Public Trade (can't spend coins on either of them). If I'm correct, ALL of them feature an EX or GX Pokemon, which none of the normal Theme Decks have (press the green information button to read more about a deck). But that doesn't matter if you stick to the shop.


Other than that, some challenges simply cannot be completed in Trainer Challenge. You recognize by them having the star greyed out. Once you reach a certain level (12 I think?), you will NEVER get Trainer Challenge challenges anymore.


However, I do wish there was such a "build your own Trainer Challenge deck"-function (in return for NO rewards for Trainer Challenge games played with it, of course). Would be a godsend for the few trade-only decks, and would allow newer players to get the older unavailable starter decks.

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