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Thoughts on electric deck

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Hey all, I am looking for some guidance as to how to improve this deck I have constructed. Originally, it also included water types as well, but after a lot of editing I consolidated to just lighting. I already changed and removed lots of different trainer cards but I was wondering what there is to improve on from the perspective of more experienced players. 


My main issues are that sometimes I notice an abundance of energy cards in my hand, and some games I end up drawing cards at too fast of a rate to the point where I will have 10 cards as opposed to my opponents 25 remaining to draw which is concerning. Any tips would be helpful, as I haven't played competitively before!

Pokémon - 17
* 1 Eevee PLF 90
* 1 Mareep STS 38
* 2 Mareep LOT 76
* 2 Pikachu ROS 20
* 2 Raikou LOT 79
* 1 Thundurus-EX ROS 26
* 1 Flaaffy STS 39
* 2 Flaaffy LOT 77
* 1 Jolteon AOR 26
* 1 Raichu BKT 49
* 1 Ampharos LOT 78
* 2 Ampharos STS 40
Trainer Cards - 29
* 3 Pokémon Fan Club FCO 107
* 1 Rough Seas PRC 137
* 1 Lillie SUM 147
* 1 Hustle Belt CES 134
* 1 Wishful Baton BUS 128
* 3 Professor's Letter BKT 146
* 1 Team Flare Grunt XY 129
* 1 Hard Charm XY 119
* 1 Lucky Helmet AOR 77
* 4 Evosoda XY 116
* 1 Fisherman BKT 136
* 3 Pokémon Center Lady FLF 93
* 1 Lost Blender LOT 181
* 2 Steven ROS 90
* 2 Cheren DEX 91
* 1 Rocky Helmet BCR 133
* 2 Level Ball NXD 89
Energy - 14
* 14 Lightning Energy XYEnergy 6
Total Cards - 60
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My main issues are that sometimes I notice an abundance of energy cards in my hand

14 is a bit much.  You can definitely trim that down, maybe to 10.  However, I have another idea further down.


I will have 10 cards as opposed to my opponents 25 remaining to draw which is concerning.

How many prizes are left at that point?  If you haven't taken any, that is concerning.  However, if you've taken one or  two, it shouldn't be a problem.  It just means you're getting everything you need and fast- a good thing. :)


Now onto the deck itself.  The amphros cards aren't bad, but they are stage 2s.  I can't think of any situation where it's worth getting them out for what they can do, so I'd suggest completely removing them.  Also, jolteon's ability is completely useless here, since everybody's already electric. ;) If you want to run eeveelutions, I'd suggest the ability vaporeon.  However, to work it'd still need you to have a lot of stage 1s.  You have a good raichu right now- if you want to, you could make this completely a raichu deck, with lots of support pokemon to fill up the bench, and sky field to increase capacity.  That would mean raikou and eevee could stay, but everyone else would probably go.  In their place, you might have oranguru from SuMo, and maybe even Vespiquen from AOr.  Then you'd have a very good counter to fighting types, and unown (also AOr) would be great for bench-filling.  You can look for other benchmons with good synergy, too. :)


Trainers.  A good line of supporters and items is the key to success with any deck.  You've gotta be able to draw the cards you need if you want to play them.  As such: I recommend 4 cynthia, 4 ultra ball (or in this deck maybe 4 level ball 2 ultra), 4 professor Sycamore or Juniper, and some N, Guzma,  and Colress.  VS seeker would also be good in you can get some.

Now, specifically for this deck: choice band is probably your best tool.  Acro bike could be useful.  And if you go with the raichu thing, you might even try dropping all electric energy, putting in 4 double colorless, and running 2 special charge.


That's my two cents. ^_^

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You did right removing the water part. It's a step towards focus the deck.

Now you need to focus the main attacker and add 3 or 4 of a good one. Two here, three there and one spare EX means you'll be playing what you get at the time you get it and sometimes evolutions doesn't appear, you don't have energies fast enough or when you almost have something ready, is KOed and you have to start again with a different plan.

Instead of that, focus on a Main attacker adding a thick line, and then add some partners to make it better.

As ideas, Ampharos (2 and 2 LOT and STS) with Rare candies and a couple Wide lens for Shaymins, adding Shrine of punishment stadiums. No EX in your deck.

Or Raichu (BKT+XY/Gen) with Eveelutions to hit for weaknesses (Flareon+Vaporeon, no need of Jolteon). Add Sky field/Shrine of punishment, Choice band, Electropower, Wide lens and Evosoda. Add a 2-2 Vespiquen for late game and having also grass type. There we go.

Or Raikou LOT with Eveelutions+Lost blender.

If you like lighting, BKT Raikou+Magnezone is another possible combo for a deck.

Competitive? Not at all. Playable and fun? Sure.

As for trainers. Volkner is awesome for Lighting, of course. I see the budget but the Trainers are the core of the deck and will make it work. Use to be +30 in any competitive deck, being the pokémon around 12-16 and Energies 12 or so as much.

Expanded no brain cards are: 1 Ace spec, 1 Karen, 4 Vs seeker.

Expanded staples include: 2-4 P Juniper/Sycamore, 2-4 N, 2-3 Lysandre/Guzma, 1-2 Colress, 4 Ultra ball.

Extra staple trainer cards: 2-4 Cynthia, 1-3 Lillie, 2 Elm's lecture/Brigette/Olivia/Poke fan club, 1-2 Acerola/AZ.

And according to strategy:

Nest ball / Level ball / Heavy ball / etc.
Field blower/Startling megaphone/Tool scrapper
Battle compressor/Trainers mail
Rare candy/Evosoda
Choice band/Muscle band
Fighting fury belt/Bodybuilding dumbbells/Bursting balloon
Float stone/Escape board
Switch/Escape rope
Rescue stretcher/Super rod
Professor letter/Energy switch/Energy loto/Energy recycler
Max potion

2 or 3 Stadiums

You won't see cards like Cheren (or Tierno/Hau), P Center lady or Steven in any competitive deck. And if something is important, add more than 1. Again, having too much 1-off cards (Lost blender, Hand charm, Hustle belt...) , will make you play what you get, or not play it as it doesn't fit your present pokémon in play. You want to give the luck, the less possible leading role.

If you miss a card, you must trade for it. It's won't be done tomorrow but little by little you should get the Theme decks to get some staple trainer cards, and once you have copies of everything, you'll be able to build any deck and make it viable.

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