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Looking for some cards, new player!


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I'm looking for a lot of stuff. lol. I'm new (just started last week) and I'm really trying to get into this with my two sons. I used all the codes I had and saved some packs to trade (XY BreakThrough.). I recently lost my job so new packs are kind of out of the question at the moment so I'm hoping what I have available to trade will help me get some of what I'm looking for. lol


Anyway, here's the list, sorry, I know it's long, I'm just excited for my boys and I to play this!! Thanks for looking!! Add me!!


Username: LetThatBassDrop


Trainers: Kiawe x4, Cynthia x3, Max Elixir x3, Choice Band x2, Super Rod x2, Rescue Stretcher x2, VS Seeker x2, Field Blower x2, Guzma x2, Acerola x2, Ninja Boy x2, Rough Seas x2,Aqua Patch x2, Pal Pad x2, 


Pokemon: Mewtwo EX (BKT) x3, M Mewtwo EX Y (BKT) x3, Shining Celebi (PR-SM) x1, Magearna (UPR) x1, Dawn Wings Necrozma GX (UPR) x2, Inkay (FLI) x2, Malamar (FLI) x2, Oranguru (SUM) x2, Volcanion EX (STS) x2, Turtonator GX (GRI) x1 and Ho-Oh GX PR-SM x3.

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Good new for you: Ho-oh GX is currently on the reward ladder, so you get 2 copies for free :).


You can get most of the trainer cards you need from various Theme Decks.

I'd start with buying Mach Strike 2x, in order to get 4 Cynthia, 2 Rescue Stretcher, 2 Pal Pad.



Given the cards you are looking for I'd also advise you to stick to Standard for now and leave Expanded aside, as it is easier to get the cards you need for a single deck / format, rather than starting out on multiple ones.


Good luck and all the best to you and your boys.

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