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Need some suggestions (Swoobat)


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I wanted to try something different online other than the normal Jumpluff, Gardevoir, Volcanion decks etc. I wanted to try a mill deck. Here is my deck list and suggestions from more experienced players is much appreciated.


Pokemon (21):


3x Cosmog

3x Cosmoem

3x Lunala-GX

4x Poipole

4x Naganadel

3x Woobat

2x Swoobat


Trainers (24):


2x Beast Ball

4x Max Potion

4x Mysterious Treasure

1x Rescue Stretcher

3x Timer Ball

4x Ultra Ball

2x Sky Pillar

2x Cynthia

2x Sightseer


Energy (15)


15x Physic Energy


Idea is to get Lunala in the active spot to absorb damage and heal with max potions to buy setup time. Use naganadel to retrieve energy used from retreating costs, Ultra Balls, Mysterious Treasures etc. Get a Swoobat out retreat your active retrieve the energy and move all energy to Swoobat and discard some cards.


Was thinking might need a few Choice Helmets but not certain since I haven't got to playtest it any.


Any suggestions in much appreciated.

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