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Pokemon the 1st Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution


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Hey folks, came across a mini-trailor for what is, well, as the topic title says, Pokemon the 1st Movie:  Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution.  It was only a few seconds long, it shows a scene similar to the one in the original movie, that introduces Mewtwo.  As for any other information, the only thing I got is that it is set for a theater release in Japan on July 12, 2019.  Anything else, whether it's a sequel or a reboot, that probably won't be revealed until about a month or two.


And for me, to tell the truth, I'm getting tired of seeing reboots coming out, as well as sequels of movies that were made over twenty years ago.  Even though it is Pokemon, even i am bound to have limitations.  For example, look at the I Choose You movie reboots, too many missed opportunities there.

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