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Reshiphlosion with a twist


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4-2-4 Typhlosion Prime


3 Reshiram


2-2 Zoroark


2-2 Ninetales


2-1-2 Kingdra Prime


1 Elekid




Trainers and Supperters


3 Sage`s Training


2 Engineer`s Adjustments


2 Twins


2 Professor Oak`s New Theory


3 Pokemon Collector


2 Rare Candy


2 Pokemon Catcher


3 Pokemon Communication


2 Junk Arm




2 Double Colourless Energy


1 Rainbow Energy


9 Fire Energy


It is a slightly different deck then the regular Reshiphlosion deck – I play it much slower than others. The first 2 turns are generally to set up ~ Draw engine helps a lot. Generally, by the time I’m set up (or almost set up), my opponent has taken one prize from Cindiqual, Vulpix, etc. I don’t start with Reshiram as my active pokemon first, I like taking the small disadvantage, which allows me to use Twins to get Typhlosion (Or Kingdra) into play.




- Zoroark is a great counter to a lot of decks – It is a great counter against Magnezone, mirror decks, Zekrom and Rayquaza Deoxysis Legend.


- Kingdra Prime is basically a counter for Goth decks, which otherwise shut down Reshiphlosion decks completely.


- Elekid is an interesting card in my opinion, I first ran Cleffa, but I decided Elekid would be a better fit. He is a weak snipper, but coupled with Kingdra, he can snipe babies, Solosis, and other 30HP basics. The only issue is that it takes a while to get Kingdra into play, meaning that an early snipe is difficult.


- Rainbow can be used with Kingdra to help take care of Donphan, or coupled with Zoroark as another search engine.




The decklist is very tight, but feedback is always appreciated. Thank you!




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