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Pokemon Crossover Would Like to See

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Hey everyone, with 2019 being an interesting year, with the Detective Pikachu movie coming out in May, and, if there aren't any delays, Gen VIII coming out during the year.  Along with any other surprises that might pop up along the way, like maybe see if any of the rumors are true involving whether or not Pokemon Rainbow, Star, DP remake, or any of that jazz well be coming to the Switch anytime in the future.


Yet one thing I'm curious about is are they any kind of crossovers you would like to see in the future?  While we had Pokemon Conquest in the past, Pokken, and maybe a few others I might have missed.  Even SM/USUM could be a crossover, if one were to think about the PokeFinder being a way to include Pokemon Snap into the mix, along with any other elements.


But are there any crossovers you would see happen to Pokemon, whether it's on a video game, movie, anime, cards, something out of the ordinary.  Like maybe, a Lego Pokemon movie,whether it's based off of the anime, or some other source.  Or some other elements you would feel could be a good mix for Pokemon, like making the Pokemon Refresh option on Gen VII into a game, but give it more like a Nintendogs touch.


For me, well, I wouldn't mind if they tried to make a TCG video game, but give it a little Yu-Gi-Oh twist by making the cards coming to life.  Or maybe take some things from the Detective Pikachu and put them into cards for the TCG.  Another idea would be, although this one would definitely be more like wishful thinking, but maybe do a live show based off of Pokemon Adventures, aiming it towards older fans, considering how dark the theme is compared to the anime.

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