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the deck I have built


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ok guys i have this deck at home i want to know if it would win online here if it was able to be up loaded (to admin: is it possible to load a deck outside of the tcgo online it with out a code? e.g. my deck that was built in real life not online)


in my deck is


x2 reshiram


x2 zekrom


x10 fire energy


x8 electric energy


x2 grass energy


x2 emboar


x2 pignite


x3 tepig


x1 zebrastrika


x2 blitzel


x1 galvantula


x2 joltik


x3 potion


x1 pokedex


x2 pokemon communicator


x3 professor juniper cards


x3 cheren cards


x3 bianca cards


x4 simisear


x4 pansear








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First, the only way to build your deck online is to redeem booster codes, and then trade stuff in order to get the cards you want. Second, your question about "would it win online" is pretty vague. Pretty much any deck can win some games (and lose some games). But this deck is far from being competitive. It can probably beat the basic decks just because of the dragons, but it can't really hang with the more competitive decks in play.




Also, you need to be specific about which cards you are using, especially for Emboar (ability or non-ability). You didn't ask for a critique, but I'll give you one. First, why is there grass energy? (Is that just because you ran out of energy cards at home?) Second, you should reduce the number of energy cards in favor of fisherman or energy retrieval so that you can just reuse them. Third, having 2-1 lines for Zebstrika and Galvantula makes it hard to find evolutions. Better to just have a thicker line of one of those.


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This deck is fairly solid, because you've packed plenty of power in. Try using Pokemon Collector, to find Basic Pokemon, like Reshiram and Zekrom.


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