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Seen alot of people using Cobalion in many diff ways so I thought I mix and match some ideas and try and come up with a decent deck so far so good got beat nasty by a Yanmega/Megazone deck though I beat a couple fire decks but that was just luck of the draw really. Hate weaknesss QQ






x2 Cobalion NV


x2 Sharmory


x2 Druddgion


2-2-2 Klinklang


2-2 Bisharp (Metal)


2-2 Scizor (Red Armor)




x2 Junk Arm


x2 Max Potion


x3 Pokemon Catcher


x3 Pokemon Communication


x2 Rare Candy




x2 Copycat


x2 Pokemon Collector


x3 Prof. Elm


x2 Prof. Oak


x2 Twins




x2 DCE


x4 Sp. Metal


x2 Rescue


x5 Metal


I'm missing two cards because I don't know what to put...Twins I rarely use...rare candy haven't needed it not once so I took one out had x3 b4 got loads of energy I think soooooooooooo maybe someone might have a wicked idea as to what else I might need or lack


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I was thinking about removing the twins I main it's a awesome card problem is I can usually get set up quickly thus making it unuseable


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I'd run a 4-4 for either Bisharp/Scizor, but I have bad luck so yeah mainly I need to do that. xD I use a Leavanny line in my steel deck to rid me of weakness, so I keep some rainbow around just in case I need to use it.


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I like that Leavanny idea a lot but then i'd have to take out some good cards to and probably add another candy


imma go with the extra scizor though cause he comes in handy specially with sp metal attached to him


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