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Pokemon x24


3-2-2 Feraligatr Prime


3-2-2 Vileplume


2-2-2 Kingdra Prime


3 Kyurem


1 Cleffa




Trainers x23


4 Pokemon Communication


4 Rare Candy


3 Collector


3 Oak


3 Juniper


2 Sage's Training


3 Twins


1 Fisherman






Energy x13


13 Basic Water




Kingdra makes excellent support here with 4 Rare Candies as the turn 2 Kingdra Prime can be devestating in many circumstances, but mostly provides solid single energy backup when dealing, especially considering the deck runs low energy for a Rain Dance variant. The counter dropping adds to Kyurem to help pick off 70 hp starter basics and 40 hp basics like voltorb, oddish, tynamo, etc. I've considered dropping it for more energy and another Gatr, but its working rather nicely at the present. I've considered replacing it with Politoed and benefiting from the free retreat or using Dodrio, but they aren't great attackers and Kingdra's 130 HP is much preferred in this format to either Dodrio or Politoed. I am considering running a 3rd Feraligatr Prime or another water energy over the 2nd Seadra.


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I would run it kinda turbo with just feralgator, cleffa, jirachi, and kyurem,






3-4 kyurem


3-1-2 Feraligtr


1 cleffa


1 jirachi










12-14 water


2 psychic










4 collector




3 Juniper


3 Cheren


2 Pokegear 3.0


4 Candy


4 Comm.


2 Catcher


1 Super Rod






i guess kingdra may be useful- maybe a 2-1-2 line?




IDK if that comes close to 60 but you can give it a try


when ND comes out uses like 3 cilian and play ultra ball over pokemon communication


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