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Should i get the Solgaleo gx sm104(promo)


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Hard to say. If you could give us a decklist it'd be easier to decide whether or not it's worth the investment.


That aside, you also have to determine if you have any other cards left that you need to get and decide which card(s) get the priority, since spending 16 GUR packs would leave you with less resources to find other things you might need.


Start by posting the decklist you intend to use and stating which cards you're missing to complete that decklist.


EDIT: knowing your total budget might help decide too (including packs and cards you don't mind parting with). While this isn't the trading sub-section, it's useful to know since we'd be able to answer your question better. Trading 16 GUR packs might not be that bad if you have a budget of 100 GUR packs, to give an example.

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Solgaleo GX is a great fit in many decks, but as Sakura150612 said it depends on your deck list and budget. Generally though, I would say no for the following reasons:


1) Two Solgaleo GX are going to be needed to have consistent access. A single card line will easily be prized up.




2) Stage two Pokémon are slow at getting up. If you want to get Solgaleo GX out and in a great big hurry to have consistency the meta game, you’ll need at least two Alolan Ninetales GX LOT, another pricey card which costs about 20 packs.


So to sum up, for Solgaleo GX to be worth the investment and deck space, you are looking at spending 70 to 80 packs on getting a 2 to 2 line of Alolan Vulpix(Beacon)/Alolan Ninetales GX LOT and a 2 to 1 to 2 line of Cosmog, Cosmoem, and Solgaleo GX (Shining Mane) respectively (and keeping two to three rare candy in your deck for speed).

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I personally think it's just naaaat worth what it's going for.  I have a couple of reasons: 1) it's a pretty specific deck type that can even use it. 2) Until recently, metal was a really good type to be.  But now we have Blacephalon.  250 HP monsters look a lot less intimidating under weakness. 3) It's good.  But, I mean...  Is it really that good?  It's fundamentally an acceleration attacker.  But it can't attack on the first turn, or even on the second very consistently.  True, it's HP helps make it more viable, and puts it in a position to attack mid-game.  But even though it's promo-exclusive...


I dunno.  I just think the price is bound to fall more, but I am not a market analyst.  If you've reached a different conclusion, don't shabloozle it for my sake.

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