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The "Unobtainable" Cards are Finally Gone


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I've included this same info in the Different Cards Owned thread (at the top), but it's important enough to highlight for collectors.


For a very long time, these 12 Promo cards appeared in the game, and were considered "unobtainable" (and not tradable).  They were never released virtually.  With the version 2.59 update, these 12 cards were removed from the Online game entirely (December 11, 2018).
Elgyem BW55
Espeon BW92
Flareon BW88
Glaceon BW90
Jigglypuff BW65
Jolteon BW91
Keldeo BW60
Leafeon BW87
Lillipup BW52
Meowth BW35
Scraggy BW25
Vaporeon BW99


Before the Giratina promo (XY184), most of the older promos (in the real world) didn't have a code card.  The Pokémon Company compensated for this by offering the older promos as giveaways, in Prize Wheels, etc.  But these 12 early B&W Promos were never distributed when these free features ended.


This correction should help everyone calculate their Different Cards Owned, without having to always remember which ones were "unobtainable."


Thank you Staff.

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