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Break Strategy


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Durant Mill: www.sixprizes.com/card-of-the-day/durant-noble-victories-nvi-83/


Basically devours your 60 card set every turn by four cards.




How to get around this?


Reshiphlosion basically knocks out the Durants ASAP.





I tried to do the same using Kingdra's Steam Pump, but it gets tougher when the opponent uses energy removal type trainers.




I also thought maybe Gengar can send Durants into Lost World, but that might take too long


Description: www.sixprizes.com/deck-analysis/big-lostgar-article/


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Serperior + Reuniclus + Metapod is a really strong deck. I don't know if the deck is top-tier, but I use it and it seems very competetitive. Basically, Reuniclus has an Ability, Damage Swap; Serperior has an Ability, Royal Heal; and Metapod has a Poke-Body, Green Shield. Damage Swap lets you distribute damage however you like between your Pokemon. Royal Heal heals 10 damage from each Pokemon, and stacks. 2 Serperior with Royal Heal can heal a total of 120 damage between each turn - 20 from each Pokemon, because there are 2 Serperior. If your opponent has a Fire-type deck, like Reshiboar or Reshiphlosion, Green Shield eliminates all Weakness from Grass-type Pokemon, eliminating Fire's advantage. Some of the trump cards (sorry, pun) include Pokemon Catcher, Escavalier, and Kyurem. Pokemon Catcher can force in my weaker Pokemon, like Metapod or Reuniclus, who both have less than 100 HP. A move like Blue Flare can knock out either of them. Escavalier can deal up to 140 damage with a move, just more than enough to one-hit KO Serperior, preventing me from healing. Kyurem can do 30 damage to all my Pokemon, and can knock out Solosis and Caterpie.


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