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Matthew 69's new deck


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3-3 Yanmega Prime line


3 Kyurem


2-2 Zoroark line


1-1 Golduck line




3 Junk Arm


3 Max Potion


3 Pokemon Catcher


4 Pokemon Communication


2 Evilolite


4 Copycat


2 Judge


4 Pokemon Collector








2 X Rescue Energy


13 X Water


Any Advice on how to make the deck better would be appreciated.




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Yanmega Prime- a brilliant card that needs no energy to attack, but can attack any pokemon the opponent has.


Kyurem- a brilliant card which can spread a huge amount of damage around + attack with a DCE with it's other attack.


Zoroark- a brilliant counter card to hard hitter decks with high HP such as Reshiram.


Golduck- a tech card that can do quite a lot of damage at the end of the match.


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Sounds cool. I'm sure you must have considered Jirachi, and I can see why you might have reservations. If I were you, I'd try it out both with and without Jirachi and see which one works better.


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Since Yanmega has free attacks and the Kyurem attacks for a double colourless, do you think you might be able to cut the energy down a bit more? A couple of "N" early game would be the same as dropping a PONT, which is probably when you would need it more to activate Yanmega.


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im making a similar deck, i dont see where evolite comes to use, since ur only basic is kyurem and u want him to get hit, i would trade your 2 evolites for dce or n's. maybe take out 3 water energies? 10 should be plenty


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I would rather put in the eviolites as they are needed to avoid 1 hit KO's with a pluspower on him by other BW-NV Dragons- he is a card that needs to Glaciate a minimun of twice to work well with Yanmega.


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