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LF: Alolan Ninetales


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Hey guys,

Just trying to hunt down a pair of Alolan Ninetales. i had a look at some price guides, couldnt find a value, so not sure if these cards would be worth it? (willing to negotiate on the list below)

Lapras GX

Team Plasma Articuno EX

Black Kyurem EX

Charizard EX

Gyrados EX

Hawlucha EX

Ho Oh EX

Team Plasma Lugia EX


Apparently i have 2002 different cards, 6305 total, so if none of these interest you, chances are i might have something else :)

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Counting the GX's, there are a few different Ninetales variations.  You're looking for the Burning Shadows one, with the Ability?


The best way to find prices is to search the game yourself, always.  Using the Heart button, just tag them For Want, and search Public Offers.  You may have to "uncheck" the Acceptable Trades Only box to see them all.


If you're looking for the Luminous Barrier version, I have a couple extras for trade.  Without looking myself, I'd guess they are 0.5 value each, or less.  I'm into them pretty cheap, so I'll trade for any extra Pikachu you have (FUF 27 is best, but any will do).


If this is acceptable, feel free to send me a friend request.  I've got A. Ninetales and Vulpix tagged For Trade.  After I accept your FR, you can send a private trade whenever convenient.

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