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Trainer & Special energy card wanted.


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I want those :


Celio's Network (I think thats a too old card to exist here)


<strike>Dual Ball</strike>


<strike>Prof. Oak New Theory</strike>


<strike>Rocky Helmet (2 and +)</strike>


Defender (at least one)


Special Dark Energy


Metal Special Energy


Double Colorless


Rainbow energy


Pokemon Collector




Make your offer here first, and ask away for any card in my binder I will answer and come here often to see new post.I might say no for some card since I mostly put all my card in my binder.Dont ask for pack in return I dont have those, and might never trade them.




[EDIT] I updated this offer, now I really NEED those in bold,I kinda need those underlined but less needed that the bold ones,and other is just wanted.


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I updated the trade list,and my binder is up,


I no longer want dual ball, I got 3 rocky helmet,so thats enought, and oak dont need for now(I use 2 N and 2 oak lol)


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