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LF Zoroark, Weavile, and Cobalion NV non-full art


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Looking for:


3 Zoroark (Foul Play) ($3 T&T, $9 total)


2 Weavile (Claw Snag) ($2 T&T, $4 total)


3 Cobalion (NV, non-full art) ($5 T&T, $15 total)




Troll and Toad total: $28




You Get:


1 Full-Art Fliptini ($17 T&T)


1 Victini 43 ($2 T&T)


1 Gothitelle ($7 T&T)


1 Reshiram Foil Promo ($5 T&T)




Troll and Toad Total: $31




I get the cards I want and you finish $3 up... Everybody wins, doggies!


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so then how about 28 packs?


T and T code card price = $0.79, so its even less




"When you phail I'll tell you" ~ Me.



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