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[CARD] Gardevoir BW4 #57, BW5 #109 - Psychic Mirage inconsistently applied. Doubled energy counts for retreat cost but not for attacks.


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Card: Gardevoir
Card Number: Next Destinies #57
Expected Action: Psychic Mirage should correctly register each Psychic energy as two Psychic energies.

Actual Action:
Instance A:
Mewtwo EX (Next Destinies #98) was unable to use its 2-energy cost attack (X-Ball) with one energy attached. This has happened once. That energy should have counted as two, thus enabling its use.  I have a log but don't see an attach button. Video below:

  • gfycat   /RipeSphericalAsianpiedstarling

Instance B:
Lunala Prism Star (SM Ultra Prism #62) was unable to use its 4-energy cost attack despite having two energies attached. This has happened at least *three* times. No log. Video evidence below:

  • gfycat   /wholepossiblekronosaurus


More instances. In these, the resulting damage is less than it should be:

  • gfycat   /PossibleFrighteningKob
  • gfycat   /RegularBelovedIbisbill

In the first I should have dealt 120 dmg (30x4). In the second, I should have dealt 180 (30x6).


Steps to Reproduce: Hard to pinpoint. Could have something to do with Silent Lab stadium card, could have something to do with Max Elixir followed by Multi-switch...inconsistent. Difficult to reproduce on demand.


This is costing me games.

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Just to confirm, where those energies Basic Energies? If it was a Mystery Energy (or any other special energy, but Mystery Energy is the most likely culprit if you made a mistake of this nature), Gardevoir's ability doesn't apply.


Other than that, I dunno. Silent Lab shouldn't affect Gardevoir, but if there was some other sort of ability lock (like Garbodor for example), that can also disable Gardevoir's ability.

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Basic psychic energies. I've been using them in this deck for a while and it's only started a couple days ago. If you watch the clips, there are no ability-blocking pokemon in play. I also posted on Reddit and they were also at a loss for explanation.

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Nvm, I didn't know where to search the videos xd I figured it out now.


It doesn't seem like anything should be preventing the ability from working, so this is probably a new bug.

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Oh, for crying out loud, did they break it AGAIN?! How do these guys manage this game?! This was a perfectly fine working ability, then they broke it with LOT update, and now it seems to be bugged again, according to your videos. That means that there's probably wrong with Shining Legends Venusaur... again.

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