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Looking to complete my Lost Thunder Wants

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Looking to Complete my lost Thunder wants


i'm currently searching for.


x2 Reg Art Ninetails Gx

x1 Fa Art Ninetails Gx

x1 Rainbow Art Ninetails Gx


x1 Reg Art Blacephalon Gx

x1 Fa Art Blacephalon Gx

x1 Rainbow Art Blacephalon Gx


x2 Reg Art Zerora Gx

x1 Fa Art Zerora Gx

x1 Rainbow Art Zerora Gx


x1 Sr Nestball


also needing x1 sr gold ultra necrozma





x1 Reg Art Lele


x1 Sr Double energy

x3 Sr Fighting energy

x2 Sr fire energy

x5 Sr Grass energy

x3 Sr lightning energy

x8 Sr Metal energy

x3 sr psy energy

x4 sr water energy

x1 rainbow energy



looking to do a bulk trade if anyone has feel free to leave a comment below




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