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a little confused by the new system.


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Hi, It's been a while since I've played, I joined the tcg in about 2006-7 and went to leagues. In about 2009 I stopped and want to get back into it...********** a few things I'm having trouble remembering.


How do I log into my TCG account? It was always under Go-pokemon. Is this TCG online thing a whole seperate account thing? I believe I made this account back in july when the TCG online beta was being announced because the old system was gone.




I've also lost my Player card. Is there a way to get a new one?






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The TCG Online is totally separated from our Organized play leagues and tournaments in real life as far as how operations are ran as far as one effecting the other. However, if you've added your player id from your player card to your account, then it is all one account. If you have any trouble reclaiming old account information, I would suggest either using the forgotten password/account username features found on pokemon.com, or contacting our support team at support.pokemon.com. Hope this helps answer your question!




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