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Trading Cards for Packs!


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Like the title says, I'm looking for packs for my cards or cards that are easily traded for packs (IMO).


In case the total amount of packs you owe isn't even (IE: Contains a decimal), the number will be rounded up. So... 1.5 becomes 2 and 2.25 becomes 3, no exceptions.


I would like Unleashed, NV, or Triumphant in that order.


So here's what little cards I have...


Ho-Oh Legend FULL (2 Packs, or 1 for either part)


Triumphant Magby x3 (.5 packs each)


HG&SS Ninetales x2 (2 packs each)


Reshiram RH (2.5 packs)


Reshiram Promo (2.5 packs)


Reshiram FA (3 packs)


Sheer Cold Beartic (2 packs)


Ampharos Prime (2 packs)


Excadrill Holo (.5 pack)


Ursaring Prime (2 packs)


Roserade ( 1.5 packs)


Cheren RH (.75 packs)


Great Ball RH (.5 packs)


Catcher (3 packs)


Pkmn Comm. RH x2 (.75 packs each)


Pkmn Comm x2 (.5 packs each)


Prof. Juniper RH x2 (.75 packs each)


Prof. Juniper x2 (.5 packs each)


Rare Candy RH (3.5 packs)


Revive RH x2 (.75 packs each)


Seeker RH (.75 packs each)


Twins RH x2 (.75 packs each)




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Ursa and Candy are argueably correct but i agree with the Revive Seeker, etc






btw are either of those HGSS Ninetales RH?


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Ursang should be 1, Candy should be 3, Revive, Seeker, ect should be 0.5



I value RH higher than normal that's why they're.75 and not .5.


And no Touko, unless stated, no cards are RH.


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