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Yes, I'm a freeloader (hey, I'm planning to buy some cards eventually, just not at the moment), and I'm trying to build the best possible deck using the free decks available: Basics Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.


The deck I'm running right now is Ampnine, a fire/lightning/normal. Let's take a look.


Pokémon: 27


Growlithe x2


Arcanine x1


Eevee x3


Flareon x2


Pikachu x3


Raichu x2


Mareep x4


Flaaffy x3


Ampharos x2


Rattata x2


Raticate x2


Trainers: 10 (Items x2, Supporters x8)


Potion x2


Bill x2


Fisherman x2


Professor Elm's Training Method x4


Energy: 23


Fire x11


Lightning x12


I have all four decks available; any suggestions would be great. I honestly wish I could trade out some of my useless cards so I could just have a few evolutionary families total (instead of having to search for the next evolution, i.e. put in more Growlithe/Arcanines), but I suppose I take what I can get. =]


Prof. Elm is vital to my deck, and it's one of my most-used cards. Most decks don't use much of him, but I suppose that mine is a bit of a sparse one.


Thanks a million!




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I'd say: Kick the Arcanine line out. Arcanine's one of the better F2P cards, but with just 1 copy of it, it's just going to set you back. You of course do have Elm, but it's better to focus on other lines. Furthermore, 12 Basic Pokemon is enough (and I usually run more than most people do).




Same with Energies: I usually run more than what most people do, but I can still recommend: drop at least 3 energy. 2 Fire and 1 Lightning is my suggestion, with the removal of Arcanine.




That gives you 6 more spaces. Add 2x Oak's New Theory and 4x Engineer's Adjustments. Remove some Supporters so you don't have too much (remove 2x Elm's definitely. Then, see if you really need the rest or Fisherman). Fill the rest with items: Switch, Pluspower, Dual Ball or some more Potions.


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