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Diantha can be used after a pokemon is KO'd through Shrine of Punishment


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Card: Diantha, Shrine of Punishment
Card Number: Forbidden Light #105, Forbidden Light #130, Celestial Storm #143
Expected Action: Fairy GX Pokemon is KO'd *in between turns*, no Pokemon is KO'd during the turn itself. Diantha cannot be used, as it explicitly states that the pokemon should have been KO'd during your opponent's last turn
Actual Action: Diantha is able to be used and has its effect.
Steps to Reproduce: Get shrine of punishment into play. Set up a KO so that a pokemon is KO'd between turns when the next turn will be for the fairy player.


Relevant non-debug log:
166. darth_suicune played Guzma.
    167. oORainbowOo's Gardevoir-GX retreated.
    168. darth_suicune's Alolan Exeggutor retreated.
    169. Swampert became oORainbowOo's new Active Pokémon.
    170. Alolan Exeggutor became darth_suicune's new Active Pokémon.
    171. darth_suicune put Shuckle onto the Bench.
    172. darth_suicune's Shuckle used its Fresh Squeezed Ability.
    173. oORainbowOo's Alolan Ninetales-GX had 1 damage counters put on it from Shrine of Punishment.
    174. oORainbowOo's Gardevoir-GX had 1 damage counters put on it from Shrine of Punishment.
    175. darth_suicune took a Prize card.
    176. darth_suicune took a Prize card.
    177. oORainbowOo's Alolan Ninetales-GX was Knocked Out.
    178. It is now oORainbowOo's turn (Turn #9).
    179. oORainbowOo drew a card.
    180. oORainbowOo's Swampert used its Power Draw Ability.
    181. oORainbowOo drew a card.
    182. oORainbowOo drew a card.
    183. oORainbowOo drew a card.
    184. oORainbowOo played Rare Candy.
    185. oORainbowOo put Gardevoir onto the Bench.
    186. oORainbowOo's Ralts evolved into Gardevoir.
    187. oORainbowOo played Diantha.

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Clearly bug.


It seems there's a bunch of Special conditions and Damage counters between turns related bugs. Same happens with Teammates for example.

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