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My first deck


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Hey, i'm new to TGC and I need some ideas, some of my favorite pokemon are (sorry about my spelling):Keldeo, Incenaroar, Lunala, and more.

Thank you for suggestions if you have any and I look forward to battling you!

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Could you make this a little more specific? Generally speaking, requests that are too broad don't generate much interest. Our forum isn't as active as it once was, but even so threads asking for specific advise on a decklist usually get at least a couple of replies. With something as vague as 3 Pokemon names (and not even specific cards) it's very hard to give any kind of advice.

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Great you want to build a deck with your favourite pokémon. But I have to say, the game doesn't work that way. Of course, you can make a deck with whatever you want, but the competitive scene doesn't care about loved pokémon, but about powerful pokémon and its combos.


Of course if you're a casual player and you don't mind about win or loose and you play just for fun, then go ahead.


In addition to not caring about loved pokémon, the decks are not made with the cards you own. The deck it's above  your collection. If you want to build a deck, you get the cards. If you build with what you have in collection, your resources are highly limited, unless you've been playing for years and you spend money on the game.


I've been playing for years ut still there are decks I cannot build because missing the cards, and the time I have for play is very limited so getting expensive cards is still hard.


All that said, I could suggest a Keldeo-EX/Blastoise Deluge deck. But you'll need 4 Keldeo-EX and 2 Blastoise at least, with its Evo line.


Also I could suggest a Lunala/Malamar deck. Still 4 Lunala and 3 Malamar at least. Or Lunala/Naganadel with energy switch and any other help to move energies around.


Sorry I have no ideas for Incineroar.


Those are random ideas about decks with the pokémon you said, but you see, you need 3 or 4 copies of it. Because if Keldeo is your attacker and you only have one, won't last the full game alive hence once is KOed, you need a replace, and if your strategy was Keldeo, probably playing a Venusaur won't work with the same strategy.


MAking decks it's a little science. If you really are new, I suggest you get Mach strike or Blazing volcano theme decks and play Trainer challenge+Theme vs a couple months to get some free locked stuff from the game, mainly Trainers. And you can enter some Events to win unlocked packs and store it, and once you know how building decks work and what deck you want, use  the packs to get the cards you need.

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