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My cards for your packs (:


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Hi, I am new to the trading forum. But here are the cards I have that I believe will gather some packs for me :)


My pack preference is in this order: NV, EP, TM, UL, HGSS, BW, COL, UD


If you'd like to negotiate prices you are welcome to, but please do not try to rip me off :) I also have many other spare commons/uncommons and other non-notable rares so please feel free to inquire about them. Within reason I may throw in some random cards.




Shaymin ---- 4 packs


Serperior (A) ---- 2 packs


Reshiram (Promo) x2 ---- 3 packs


Darkrai+Cressalia x3 ---- 2 packs per set


Lanturn (Prime) ---- 3 packs


Blissey (Prime) ---- 1.5 packs


Raikou+Suicune ---- 3 packs


Absol (Prime) x2 ---- 2 packs


Fliptini (reg) ---- 2 packs


Pichu ---- 1 pack


Roserade ---- 2 packs


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Would you like to trade for Espeon Prime or Umbreon Prime? I may also throw in some other rares for some of the cards above.


Btw nice rates! :) Goodluck on the trading business!


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dnguyen9 - No, thank you :) I believe 4 packs is already realatively lower than what most ask, so I'm not really willing to go down to 3.




sonithcob - I am only interested in packs, but thank you for the compliment.




Pokemaster54636 - I am only currently interested in packs, thank you.


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