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superlegit's cards for packs thread :)


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Hi. Title explains it all really. If you don't like my prices, please feel free to talk me down, I'm not super knowing of all the value of cards, but please don't try to just rip me off. Also if you are looking for anything that's not listed, I don't have a lot of other cards that may interest you, but feel free to inquire. I will gladly throw in commons/uncommons within reason if you need them as well.


Chandalure -------- 3 packs




Serperior (A) -------- 2 packs


Emboar (A) -------- 3 packs


Samurott (A) -------- 2 packs


Ho-oh (Full) + 1 extra bottom half -------- 2 packs (for full)


Beartic (Sheer) -------- 2 packs


Feraligatr (Prime) -------- 3 packs


Thundrus (FA) -------- 2 packs


Ampharaos (Prime) x2 -------- 2 packs


Terrakion (FA) -------- 3 packs


Tornadus (FA) -------- 2 packs


Blissey (Prime) x2 -------- 1.5 packs


Victini (v-Create) -------- 1 pack


Vanilluxe -------- 2 packs


Tyrogue x2 -------- 1 pack


Victini (V-blast) x2 -------- 1 pack




My preference on packs is in this order NV, UL, TM, HGSS, EP, BW, COL, UD


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Will you trade for cards?


I have Yanmega Prime and you have cards that I am interested in:






Beartic (Sheer Cold)


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