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We're to buy codes


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I'm actually not sure if this is something that can be discussed in the forums (although I suppose that even if we could, the Feedback forum would still be the wrong section xd). I've mentioned buying codes before but never asked about sellers and prices. The thing is, the forums doesn't really allow talking about transactions that involve real money, it only allows to talk about the exchange of in-game objects (packs, cards, gameplays, etc).


Either way, I can't give you any sites because I don't use any xd the best you can do is to use real life personal contacts. Find some trustworthy people who play the physical game but not the PTCGO, they'll be more than happy to sell you their codes and use the money to buy an extra pack or two. Honestly, even if you do find sites to buy codes online, I wouldn't recommend you use them. It's very easy for them to scam you (i.e. sell you used codes), and when that happens you will have no one you can complain to. It can happen IRL too but in my experience it happens less often (I've only once had a guy sell me used codes and I never bought from him again).


This thread is probabably getting closed since I don't think they want to have a thread talking about buying codes, but I hope this helps you anyways.

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